Posted on Sep 19, 2019

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Why Vacation?
A Benefits Canada survey from 2017 found that respondents, “cited several reasons for checking their emails during a vacation, including gaining peace of mind that things were under control (55%), keeping projects moving along (51%), avoiding coming back to extra work (47%) and preventing colleagues from feeling undue stress (25%)” (Benefits Canada, 2017).
The problem with this is we are human – . A short list of some of the benefits of utilizing vacation time includes:
 Health – more than just a buzzword, our mental health suffers when we over work ourselves and neglect getting enough rest and personal time. The stress of our everyday lives can grow without taking adequate breaks from work to unplug and lead to health problems, both mental and
 Motivation – rewarding our hard work by taking a trip (or the increasingly popular ‘staycation’) can act as a great motivator to produce quality work as well as do so efficiently
 Creativity – when we become stagnant, we often lose inspiration. This can prove difficult in the workplace when ideas stop flowing and our work becomes monotonous.
 Work-life balance – ensuring we step away from our work and spend time with friends, family or ourselves is essential.
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